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Women's Glasses and Frames

More than 6 in every 10 people wear eyeglasses, and most of them are women. That's why we have showcased more than 400 women glasses in 20 different colors at amazing prices. Fashioned from feather-light materials and fabulous styles, these glasses have been designed just for her!

Trendy plastic, timeless titanium, or elegant aluminum—round, rectangular, oval, or wayfarer—we have a unique pair of glasses built just for you. Try on your new glasses in seconds using our simple-to-use frame picker and get them delivered to your doorstep within just 2 weeks. No hassles, no hiccups, no defects—100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face—Tips for Women

Although most women would prefer to wear contacts, it's unhealthy to wear them all the time. Glasses look cool if they accentuate the shape of your face and go with your style. At GlassesGlassesGlasses , we have thoughtfully assorted a wide range of sophisticated feminine frames that enhance your beauty and personality.

We have also made it super-convenient for you to try on your glasses and select the best ones. Follow these tips to make sure your new glasses suit your face shape and skin tone.

The shape of the glasses—The shape of the glasses should contrast the shape of your face. So, if you have a round face, you may like to try rectangular glasses.

The color of the glasses—The frame color should form a contrast with your hair color and skin tone. However, this totally depends upon your personal choice. Black is always good, as it highlights your eyes. Colorful frames convey energy and youthfulness. It's up to you how prominent you want your glasses to look.

The size of the glasses—Beauty lies in proportion, goes the adage. Oversized frames may look good for sunglasses, but are usually a turnoff when it comes to prescription glasses. Get a size that's not too big or small for your face.

The shape of your face—Aviators generally look good on women who have a heart-shaped face, with the forehead broader than the jaw-line and a pointed chin. If you have a square face with a strong jaw-line, try oval or round shaped glasses to soften the features. For women with narrow faces, you should get a taller frame, preferably with broad legs and decorative details—Wayfarers work well for some. Oval face-shapes should go with top-heavy and butterfly-shaped frames.

But of course, these are just guidelines. Using our simple frame-picker, you can choose a model with a face-shape resembling yours, or upload your own photo, and try different frames to select the best one.