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Unisex Glasses and Frames

Unisex glasses appeal to both men and women, and remain ever-popular because of their trendy designs and fashionable tilt. GlassesGlassesGlasses features the most extensive range of unisex and specialty eyewear that suits everyone, irrespective of their gender.

Crafted to perfection from hypoallergenic acetate-plastics and titanium, light-weight aluminum alloys, and other durable and rust-resistant materials, our designer frames (with prescription glasses) are prepared carefully to comply with the specs that you provide.

Take a look at more than 600 unisex frames and try them on to select the ones that look best on your face.  Not sure about how to choose the best glasses for yourself? Take a look at some quick tips for selecting a great pair of glasses.

Your glasses are shipped directly to your doorstep within two weeks of your order. We take 100% responsibility for you complete satisfaction. If you don’t like the glasses for any reason—an event that is extremely rare considering their immaculate quality—we'll fix the problem quickly or refund your money. Guaranteed!

Top Trends in Unisex Frames

The following trends are always in

  1. Oval or broad rectangular plastic frames with two colors
  2. Retro style small frames with tinted lenses that remind you of Johnny Depp
  3. Modern, modified designs such as the "butterfly" or "nerdy" styles
  4. Precision-finished thin-metal frames that look graceful and trendy on men and women
  5. Specialty unisex glasses, such as sports, driving or computer glasses